Ready to THRIVE during the holidays?

For most of us with lyme or other invisible illnesses the holidays can be full of awkward conversations, guilt, and pain. Let's change that! Watch the replay now..

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This year, let's thrive through the holidays...
not just survive them.

Together, we'll practice saying no and new ways to create boundaries.  
I'll share simple self care tips you can even do to keep yourself well while traveling and staying in other's people houses. 
This workshop is totally free and open to anyone.

We Will Workshop: 

  • My go-to One Line Wonders to breeze right by those awkward conversations.
  • 10 things you have permission to simply stop doing this holiday season.
  • Practical tips and tools.  There will be a sprinkling of woo woo visualizations- that have actually worked. 
  • Simple recipes you can do even when you're feeling zapped. 

A community to cheer you on.  To workshop the bumps that come from navigating relationships because we are human and it's part of the deal and especially those that come with navigating them with a chronic illness.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone ready to create clearer boundaries to preserve their own energy for healing (or your side hustle or your roller derby team or...) and have a space to practice them.
If you just don't know how to "do the holidays" this year but still want to be a part of them- without massive flares and days in bed as a consequence. 

On Thursday November 1st at 10am Pacific I will be hosting a live workshop on How to Thrive During the Holidays With Lyme. Get your invitation, register now.

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Whole Life Tribe Enrollment Open


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