Whole Life Tribe is more than a is empowering tools for knowledge, community, support, and accountability on your healing journey.


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  • You want to get better but it all feels so overwhelming
  • You'd love to learn simple fermentation, tips on juicing, simple herbal teas and ways plants can support your growing wellness.
  • You may not be ready to eat ONLY plants but you know eating more of them, and having some easy recipes to jump in with, would sure help you feel better.
  • Saying no to others and yes to you is a skill you could use some support with
  • You sometimes just wish your family and friends "got it". That you had community that understood.

Hi Friend!

I'm Amy Newman. Founder of Whole Life With Amy and Whole Life Tribe.
I'm also a culinary nutrition expert,  massage therapist, Reiki master, avid food growin' gardener, and a green juicin' lover.
After years of struggling to keep up with all the busy, a diagnosis of Lyme and a major health crash finally gave me permission to slow down.  To start from scratch and do it differently this time. I know what it's like to have your whole flipped upside down. And I learned so much along the way.
That's why I created the Whole Life Tribe. So you could have the community I was searching for myself. Access to a mix of tools, recipes, expert interviews, and paths to healing so you can do it your way- with support. 
It took more than a month to get where you are in health and life. And one month at a time, we'll find our way to greater wellness. Together. 


  • Download detailed meal plans for the whole week

  • Listen to expert interviews on chronic illness

  • Get seasonal tools to support the many phases of the year

  • Workshop your Questions Live With Amy on Zoom

Meal Plan - 7 Days

Let me take the guess work out of planning your meals for the week with my custom tailored meals designed for healing.


  • Hear from guest speakers sharing the tools that made the biggest shift in their healing

  • Get a library pass to Amy's tutorials, workshops, videos, and guides made just for you

  • Access to a kind and supportive, private Facebook group to workshop ideas

Whole Life Tribe is Your Answer!

Every season of the year provides a different challenge which is why I created Whole Life Tribe to help you in every season of healing.


Members of Whole Life Tribe will receive these goodies

--> Weekly Printable Meal Plans

--> Member only drawings for hand made goodies

--> Monthly Supplemental Guides to Support Wholeness Over a Cure

--> Members Only Discounts To Workshops and Courses

--> Support and Accountability from others who "Get It"

--> Get to know a plant ally every month. How to use it, how it can help support you, how to source it.


"I found Amy on Instagram a few months ago, and have been nourished by her posts and our private exchanges. Amy has a brilliant way of meeting me exactly where I am at, and at the same time empowering me to do better. Her tips are so helpful, and her daily reminders about finding balance and the joy in life always help to bring me back to center. Thank you, Amy, for being a beautiful beacon of light and hope and love in your social media presence!!"

Angela Rocchio

"Amy is a connector, bringing women closer to their own truth and each other. She has helped me navigate issues around health, social media, creativity, and community. In everything she does, she inspires beauty and personal empowerment. Her generosity is unmatched. I’m grateful to call her mentor and friend."

Leslie St. John
MFA/RYT, Prose and Poses

"Amy is compassionate and so knowledgeable! I have benefitted from her wisdom and willingness to share—from easy meal prep tips to going deeper into profound wellness practices. From a few conversations with her, I have learned to focus on making easy choices so I feel good daily."

Carolyn Eicher
Owner, Carolyn Eicher Photography


Take a peek at a few of the classes within the Whole Life Tribe community portal. You get access to the entire library of previous lessons and meal plans.

Private Community

Being a part of the Whole Life Tribe includes accountability and support. Accountability and support from fellow warriors to stay true to your healing journey.



Members of Whole Life Tribe will also receive member only discounts to any course we create to go deeper.

50% OFF All Stand Alone Courses

- 7 Day Raw Road Trip for only $98 (Full price is $197)

- Deep Dive Juicing Workshop only $23 (Full price is $47)

- Future courses, cleanses, workshops all 50% for members

Do I Really Need A Tribe For Support?

“I DID need the companionship” - Raynna M.


Become a tribe member by paying monthly and full access.




Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Smoothie & Juice Recipes

Member Only Giveaways

Live Zoom Video Calls

Q&A Sessions on Facebook Live

Interviews with Experts

New Classes Added Monthly

Courses Included:

Your Next 30 Days - Quick Start

Time Chunking & Calendar Blocking

Full Access to Library of Lessons

50% Off Current & Future Courses


Frequently Asked Questions

Heck no, everyone is welcome! In fact everything we discuss and share could relate to anyone that just wants to feel 20% better or practice a more plant based lifestyle. Lyme has been a part of my life for over 15 years so I know what it is like to live in pain and it is nice to have someone else that gets it.

This is just like a gym membership in that you have FULL access to everything (ALL the content) for as long as you are a paid member. If you cancel your membership, you lose access to the library of resources, all the workshops and you lose access to the community inside the FB group. You either have FULL access or no access. You can't pick and choose which classes you want access to.

When you sign up for annual paid membership you are billed $197 US funds for full access. The next charge of $197 will come exactly 365 days later. 

When you sign up for monthly paid membership you are billed $24 US funds for full access. The next charge of $24 will come exactly 30 days later.

You can cancel at any time by writing to [email protected] 

Your welcome email has a link you can click to request access to the Facebook Group. 

Please give us 24-48 hours to grant access. We manually check each request to verify it's from an active member and it might take us a bit to get through everyone.

No problem we hate to see you go but it is easy to cancel. Your $24 purchase gives you 30 day access to the Whole Life Tribe membership. If you decide it's not for you, simply cancel your membership at any time by emailing [email protected] and we will cancel your membership. After that, you will no longer be charged.

If you purchase the annual or monthly option...I recommend the annual option... I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

It's super easy. No questions asked.

Enrollment into Whole Life Tribe is currently open. Join any day during the month and get access to all previous content.

Each month will have a theme based on the season we are in such as Thrive Thru The Holidays. Classes are in video format and may include printable recipes and guides.

We know many people look for answers immediately after a diagnosis which is why it is important to join a community and learn from those who have been through it before. If you are enjoying remission this is just as important to have support and tools to stay there.


Become a tribe member by paying monthly with no long term commitment.





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